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The Spiderwick Chronicles

There was a long time where I really had no interest in seeing The Spiderwick Chronicles. It just looked like another kids fantasy movie, like Chronicles of Narnia or The Golden Compass, but after watching news.com I found a story on the making of the computer animation for this film which was created by ILM of Star Wars fame, I became extremely interested in seeing this movie.

After watching the movie, I’m so glad I caught that news.com video. At no point during the movie did it look like I was watching CGI. The blending of live action actors with the many many fanciful characters was a ton of fun to get absorbed into. Mary-Louise Parker does a great job as the mother of this troubled family, that is trying to essentially start a whole new life after moving away from NYC. The dynamic between Parker and her children, as well as the dynamic between the syblings was a lot of fun to watch, since it felt so natural and realistic, while the family problems were surprisingly mature.

The movie is also surprisingly scary and after I left the movie, I was glad to see that it was rated PG. This movie would probably scare very little children. I don’t think most adults would be drawn to this movie, unless they were as interested in the computer animation as I am, but if you want a fun movie to bring your younger teen sibling/cousin/child, this is really a great choice.

Thanks to the LA Times for the above pic.


March 4, 2008 11:24 pm - Posted by | movie reviews, movies, New York, NYC, technology

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