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Voting – 2008 Presidential Primary

I have been voting in NYC since I turned 18 in 2001. I started out as an Independent, but in 2004 I switched to becoming a Democrat (and voted absentee while at GWU) and since then I have voted in all elections and Democratic primaries. I went to vote tonight, but this time my name was not on the register rolls! I have voted at the same facility before, but for whatever reason, I seem to have been dropped from the computer generated pollbook. So they gave me an Affidavit Ballot, I filled it out and gave it to them, I also filled out a voter registration form to reaffirm my affiliation with the Democratic party and mailed that in after I left the voting facility.

I was so excited to vote today… I know it’s not quite the same thing, but I can’t help but feel, at least somewhat disenfranchised. While I know my vote does count, it feels like it just doesn’t count as much as it could have if I had been able to pull that lever and know that they would record my vote right then and there inside that voting booth.

Thanks to Errorik for the above pic.



February 5, 2008 11:33 pm - Posted by | New York, NYC, politics, technology

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