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Windows Tweaks with allSnap and Taskbar Shuffle

I have a great love-hate relationship with the Windows operating system. I have been a faithful user since installing Windows 3.11 with a handful of 5.25″ disks way back before laptops came in color! I love that there is a whole hell of a lot of software is created for this operating system, even if it is probably the least stable OS of the big 3 (Windows, OS X and Linux).

There are a few things about Windows that I wish were different, so ever since I found out about allSnap over a year ago, I have made sure to use it on all the computers I use on a regular basis, but it wasn’t until I heard the program mentioned on the most recent episode of Security Now, that I thought about talking about it.

The other issue is that that during that same episode of the podcast, Steve Gibson talked about a program that I hadn’t heard of, which is great for those like me who want certain programs to be in a particular place in the taskbar. The program is Taskbar Shuffle and with it running, it allows you, for example, to drag your mail program to the leftmost section of the taskbar, even if it is the last program opened instead of the first program opened.

Thanks to TWIT and GRC for the tips. Thanks to b.tech.review for the above pic.



January 31, 2008 10:57 pm - Posted by | podcasts, software, technology, Windows

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