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Free Swiss Army Knife Digital Media Players

There are a lot of media players on the market and I’ve tried a whole heck of a lot of them. There seem to be more media players than there are media formats… and there are a LOT of media formats.

The most well known all-in-one player is probably the VLC player. This is a great player for playing almost any audio or movie format you can think of, dvds, iso, divx, mp4, mp3, the list goes on and on and you can also use this player for transcoding these files into one of the other formats as well. This program works with pretty much any system, Windows, Mac, Linux, BeOS and BSD!

There are some people who do not like this player. For those of you who fall into this category who run Windows, you might want to try GOM player. I tried it 2+ years ago and enjoyed using it, it looks nicer than VLC, but since I hadn’t really had any problems with VLC, I didn’t really need GOM player, especially since VLC handled dvd playback better.

I heard a few of my favorite podcasts (Tekzilla and Windows Weekly) talk about GOM player today though, so that reminded me about this player and now that there is a lot more HD content available compared to 2 years ago, it’s important to note that GOM player seems to handle HD files a bit better than VLC (at least on my humble XP laptop).

Thanks to Tweakers.net for the above pic.



January 29, 2008 8:01 pm - Posted by | dvd, HD, movies, music, podcasts, software, technology, Windows

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