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There Will Be Blood

I watched There Will Be Blood… I don’t know what made me see it, maybe Daniel Day-Lewis or that it was written/directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, but it definitely was NOT from the trailer, I thought it looked quite bizarre. Anyway, the film was based on the story Oil.

The film spans 4 decades and follows Day-Lewis, who is good at exactly two things: Oil and Talk, but with everything else, seems to be poison. He gets what HE wants and reminds me in many ways of a coiled snake. What this movie has going for it is the entrancing performance by Daniel Day-Lewis and the amazingly desolate scenery and directing by Anderson, but sadly, at least for me, the story did nothing for me. I left the movie just wondering what I had spent over two and half hours watching.

I really like PT Anderson, but I don’t know what to say about the story, I really don’t know what to make it. I neither liked nor disliked the film, it was just something I couldn’t turn away from while watching…

Thanks to Express How Stuff Works for the pic.



January 11, 2008 8:00 pm - Posted by | clips, movie reviews, movies

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