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Election 2008 – The Wyoming Caucus (Republicans only)


After Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama emerged victorious from their respective Iowa caucuses, the news media has now moved onto expectations about the New Hampshire primary.

The media and even the candidates seem to have forgotten about Wyoming’s Republican caucus, which is being held today. None of the Republican candidates have visited Wyoming during the past month leading up to this caucus.

Wyoming Republicans wanted their caucus to get more attention compared to previous years and took the penalty of having half of its delegates taken away at the Republican convention, which will be held in Saint Paul, Minnesota during the first four days of September 2008.

At this point it looks like Mitt Romney will win in Wyoming, where he’s gotten 86% of the vote with 58% reporting. It’s surprising that there is still scant news coverage of this.

Thanks to Single-Serving for the pic of Wyoming.


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A Month of Engadget News Just Before CES

I just got done going through the humongous backlog of unread Engadget stories I hadn’t had time to read over the past month (995 to be exact) and I wanted to highlight a few of the more interesting ones that caught my eye just before the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off.

First there’s the potentially fetishistic and definitely creepy/weird vibrating bluetooth bracelet.

Then President Clinton, while speaking in Iowa was heckled by a robot protester! Don’t worry though, he can handle himself.

How about a 10+ inch, 10mm thick, color plastic LCD display?

Lonely? Ever thought about building a creepy $30 android for that needed companionship?

Hey, wow look at that, Former President Clinton is BACK and this time reveals he uses an iPhone… the man even signs it too!

You know, there are some days when I’m so lazy I wont walk across a room to charge my cell phone… look at what some people in India go through for their cell phones. It makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

My handwriting is already illegible as it is, I can’t imagine writing any smaller than I already do, so seeing the whole Bible written on something smaller than a grain of rice is pretty daunting.

Now, for the winner in vaporware keyboard technology, Art Lebedev and his LCD touchpad keyboard.

I also want to try the pillow that relaxes you, using light and sound, but yet manages to look like a whoopee cushion.

I am very excited that you can now order a mac tablet computer here through pretty much the only official 3rd party Apple builder. It’s called the Modbook and it uses Wacom tablet technology.

Are you tired of those prankster scientist friends of yours, always putting ink on your microscope viewfinder, giving you raccoon eyes? Well, no more, enjoy the newest LCD view microscope.

Get the Pinnacle Video Transfer if you want to bring ANY analog video onto your portable usb video player (that means you iPod and PSP).

Now, saving the BEST for last, learn how to REALLY play the guitar using a REAL guitar with Guitar Wizard! Stop wasting your time with Guitar Hero! At least with Rock Band, you can learn to play drums.

Thanks Swiftpage for the picture.


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