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I Am Legend

After watching I Am Legend in IMAX, the latest movie starring Will Smith, I realized just how difficult this movie was to pull off. Smith had to carry the entire movie virtually all by himself, he spent a majority of the film only able to interact with a dog, a few assorted manikins and some totally terrible CGI characters. The last movie that tried this was Cast Away with Tom Hanks and I hated that movie, I usually love Tom Hanks, but I was so bored watching him interact with that stupid volleyball!

With regard to the CGI characters, I think it was said best by the guys on the latest Filmspotting podcast, when they reviewed this film: “Anytime you put CG characters next to real ones,” it totally takes me out of the film, “thinking how bad they look.” CGI can look absolutely amazing when used to create landscapes, scenery and completely alien monsters, but CG humanoid characters never look right. Recently, in Beowulf, the scenery, Grendel and the Dragon look absolutely flawless as CG, but whenever characters moved or tried to yell, things just didn’t look natural. The non-character CG work in this film, creating a lonely, overgrown forest of New York City, a city known for being one of the busiest and hectic cities on the planet, it was a stunning sight which was a joy to watch.

The first two thirds of this film were absolutely riveting, I was TOTALLY with Will Smith act his way through the empty city, even with the completely unbelievable CG zombies (on that note, can we please go back to the slow moving zombies? I’m really getting tired of the whole faster than a blinking eye zombie.) Without giving too much away, I thought the juxtaposition of the very first minute of the film was great, it was easily one of the best parts of this movie. I was surprised though with the last third of the movie though, I didn’t realize going into this movie that it was only going to be 100 minutes, I thought that last third of the movie was too rushed and would have been better served if it had been stretched a bit longer and the film had ended up around two hours long.

I must say though, I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would recommend that it be seen, especially if you could catch the IMAX version. On a side note, if you can get to an IMAX screening of this film, get there early because one of the previews they are showing with this movie is a 6-minute prologue for the new Batman movie: The Dark Knight and I must say, I AM IN! The instant I find a link to this content, that isn’t a bootleg copy, I will post it myself! I remember not being very excited about Batman Begins, I ended up waiting until it made it to DVD before seeing it, but boy was I wrong with that expectation.
Thanks to Wost Previews for the above picture.



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  1. wow! imax version its could be great ! if we can see that in Indonesia

    Comment by SayangAyah | December 18, 2007 10:50 pm

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