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Open Hulu and AOL Video Snag Hulu

Are you pissed that NBC has pulled its videos off of both iTunes and Youtube BEFORE their big Hulu venture has been fully released to the public? Well, OpenHulu is a project that has been working to embed every video that has been placed onto Hulu, but will allow ALL to access these files. That’s right, no private beta to lock you out anymore. You still get the ads and all current shows are truncated to only allow viewing of the latest 5 episodes, since the content is direct from the source, but at least most shows are already posted.

Thanks to Lifehacker for finding and broadcasting this info. Also, don’t forget that you can get all the same content at AOL Video’s Hulu channel, I know I keep forgetting about it.



December 13, 2007 11:45 pm - Posted by | clips, commercials, software, technology, tv

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  1. Another option I found is tv3o – http://www.tv3o.com

    You can watch hulu videos and videos from a lot other networks like cbs, cw and mtv (for example). The best thing I like there is that you can actually create your own channel and get alerts for your favorites shows.

    Comment by Lior | January 24, 2008 7:54 am

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