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Lions for Lambs

Lions for Lambs has strong scenes, but lacks story. Meryl Streep bounces back from Rendition with a strong performance in this film and she plays the type of character that would try and spend the rest of her career working to end the career of the last character she played in Rendition and maybe even slap her in the face in the process. The scenes between her and Tom Cruise were the strongest parts of this movie, the ONLY other scenes that work are the flashbacks of Robert Redford‘s former students: Michael Peña and Derek Luke while they are still in college.

I don’t think Redford does a very good job directing either. His action sequences do not bring life to this film and his scenes inside the professor’s office talking with his current student, don’t seem to go anywhere. There are times when you think he’s trying to recruit Andrew Garfield for the military, maybe to run for congress or just to start caring again, but whatever it is he is trying to do, it doesn’t come off convincing. If I were Garfield, I would have just chosen to never come back to that class after that performance.

Also, the ideas purported in are nothing new and not even clearly stated. Blaming a lazy, profit seeking corporate media and the government that takes advantage of that to go to war is nothing fresh in 2007 and neither is a reporter’s protest against yet another new strategy for victory, which makes this film utterly forgettable.

Thanks to Worst Previews for the pic.


November 18, 2007 6:05 pm - Posted by | movie reviews, movies


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