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Dexter Morgan works for the forensics devision of the Miami Police, he is a blood spatter expert. His step father, Harry, was a cop who taught Dexter everything he would need to know to survive in this world and his step sister, Deb(ra), is a cop who works in his department. He has a lovely girlfriend, Rita, and he adores her two kids. He is quiet, polite, handsome, almost everyone likes him and is good at what he does. He sounds perfect, right? Well, not EVERYONE likes him, one of the other cops in the precinct is suspicious of him, he knows something is wrong, but can’t quite figure it out… So what’s wrong? Dexter is serial killer and is good at what he does. He kills people who have murdered others and have gotten away with it, he kills VERY bad people, he’s the kind of man who would kill Frank Lucas. Turns out HE is a bad person… right? Maybe just doing bad things to bad people MAKES him a good person. Well, what’s so intriguing about the show is that we LIKE him.

Season 1 is already on DVD and at the moment, we are square in the middle of season 2, if you get Showtime, find someone who already gets the channel or stumble across it at the local video store, check it out.

Thanks to Yahoo! TV for the pic, I may hate their updated page they created for tv listings, but they do post good photo galleries.



November 6, 2007 11:31 pm - Posted by | dvd, tv

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