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30 Days of Night and Saw IV

Not being someone who read the trade paperback that 30 Days of Night originated from, I only really knew the most basic of story premise for this film, the idea that the vampires swarmed into a small town in Alaska during a period of nightfall lasting 30 consecutive nights. What I got was a movie I was not expecting, a vampire film that was fairly original, but mixed in with some of the best parts of classic vampire stories.

There was no explanation as to the origins of vampires, not a virus, not an act of God, not descendants of Dracula, nothing. The idea that the vampires were just… there, was refreshing, since most movie explanations usually ring hollow and take me out of the current story. The group of vampires had a plan and a pretty good one too, isolate the townspeople by preventing them from contacting the outside world… well, I should say that the vampire leader had a good plan, since he was pretty much the only vampire with any dialogue (most others just screeched to gather other vampires to their location). I also enjoyed the way the vampire leader talked about history (in an original vampire language as well, which was a nice touch). They even used a Renfield style character to accomplish some of these goals, which is a small role, but played extremely well by Ben Foster (a second good performance this year from Foster).

My worry going into this film was about the performance Josh Hartnett, I haven’t really seen him in any films thus far where I thought he was very good. I don’t think he knocked this performance out of the park or anything, but I thought he played very well in this film and in the last ten minutes of the film, he was great.

If you like vampire movies, this is definitely a film to watch, but this is not a movie to take people who don’t like this genre, especially since there are some annoying things about this movie. I don’t know if this detail came from the original writings or not, but I really hated the screeching sounds that most of the vampires made.

I don’t actively try and figure out movies while I’m watching them in theaters, but I can usually follow them pretty well, but what I’ve learned about the Saw movies is that each movie gets more and more intricate and complex and Saw IV is no exception… actually it isn’t even meant to be figured out while watching it the first time through, it is a complex origins story about what made Jigsaw do what he’s best at for the past 3 movies and you are supposed to marvel at it. This movie (which is a great example of torture porn) has so many plot twists and turns mixed together, it is pure entertainment to watch, but there just aren’t any clues to try and figure it out (not that you need to, since everything eventually gets explained). Visually, the film is engrossing (sometimes what’s on screen is quite gross as well), but beyond the gore, the scene transitions are also markedly creative, sometimes scenes literally break into the succeeding shot. A lot of care was taken in creating this world and even though the series has gone on since 2004, in Jigsawland, only about half a year has passed.

This isn’t the first origins story in the middle of a long series of successful movie sequels this year. Since 2004, every Halloween season has brought us a new installment in the Saw series and the way this film’s plot unfolds, there is every reason to believe that the series will continue until it stops making tons of money.

If you enjoy a good 100 minutes or so of torture porn, get to the theaters, if not, do I really need to tell you to stay clear of this movie?

Thanks to imdb for the first picture and bagelsncheesey for the second pic.



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