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Transformers in IMAX

DreamWorks Pictures

I had been hearing all summer from a lot of different people about how good the Michael Bay Transformers movie was, but I decided to wait… I KNEW they would release this film as an IMAX experience. The film was touted as having absolutely AMAZING special fx, so waiting for it on IMAX was an easy decision.

After getting to see it this afternoon, it was well worth the wait. Up to this point, I thought Michael Bay‘s best film was The Rock, but Transformers, with its seamless special fx, entertainingly fast talking Shia LaBeouf and smokin’ hot Megan Fox was a great way to revive a franchise I loved as a child. Even though the story outside of the Transformers themselves and anything involving LaBeouf/Fox wasn’t terribly compelling (mainly because those elements made up at least 85% of scenes), I loved the experience that was this movie.

Thanks to MSNBC and Golden Screen Cinemas for the top and bottom pics.



October 28, 2007 4:40 am - Posted by | movie reviews, movies, tv

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