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Bee Movie May Just Turn Honey Funny

I remember watching the live action promotions for this film at the beginning of the year, but after seeing the Bee Movie ad campaign plastered all over NYC telling me that Honey Just Got Funny (thanks slashfilm) over the past few weeks, it made me not want to see this film, also, the film was created by Dreamworks Animation and I’ve had mixed results with their animated movies. I loved ANTZ (How could I not enjoy a Woody Allen movie… just with the entire cast playing ants?), thought Madagascar (which also starred Chris Rock) was pretty funny and heard good things about Over the Headge (but never got around to seeing it), yet I HATED Shrek and never wanted to watch the rest of the Shrek trilogy. In the end, I decided to watch the trailer on Yahoo! trailers. I was reluctant, but with Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock in the film, I HAD to give Bee Movie a look.

I loved that they used the song Brazil as the opening theme to the trailer (a very good sign) and I must say, the trailer had me laughing , maybe honey DID just get funny! Hearing Jerry reminded me just how much I missed Seinfeld.

If you want to see the HD trailer, you can get it here, otherwise, just give the SD trailer a look below. You can also see the other clips I was talking about here too.



October 20, 2007 5:42 pm - Posted by | clips, comedians, commercials, HD, movies, New York, NYC

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