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The Future of Money: Is QUID Quap?

Now that we have completely solved world hunger, achieved world peace and are all healthy, wealthy and wise, UK researchers at the University of Leicester have moved on to much more pressing issues: space spending! More info can be found here.

Even though Virgin Galactic isn’t going to be sending up any commercial space flights until at least 2009, ever since John Glenn orbited the Earth over 45 years ago, he (as well as every astronaut since) has complained about not being able to shop at the Space Mall because of flaws with our current currency in space, all those pesky space vendors just won’t accept our money! Space BASTARDS!!! How dare they leave us in the cold like that.

Well, those researchers have created an innovative solution: SPACE MONEY! They wouldn’t dare be so bold as to call it that though, they decided on Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination or QUID.

Didn’t you wish your money looked more like a candy colored yo-yo? It’s perfect, create a currency that consists of gigantic discs that are solid and are unfoldable!

I bet you’re asking how much this new money will cost you… well, it can all be your at the low low price of £6.25, 12.5 dollars or 8.68 Euros, who wouldn’t want to pass that up?

Thanks to Geekologie for their story as well as Engadget for their post.



October 16, 2007 11:04 pm - Posted by | astronomy, technology

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