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David Lynch Does Gucci

I’ve seen my share of commercials as well as more than my fair share of movies, but the idea that David Lynch would be directing a Gucci commercial is just mind blowing, not to mention, a really BAD commercial. Sure Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tom Jones can hock T-Mobile while Arnold Schwarzenegger can shill for… whatever this Japanese energy drink is both here: and here: and Alyssa Milano can sing for crazy Japanse pasta all she wants

but it would have been better if Lynch had gotten Dennis Hopper to suck some air from his breathing mask, only to find out it wasn’t air, but Gucci fragrance all along or maybe get Kyle MacLachlan to take over a sand planet by spraying Gucci by Gucci (yes Gucci the company named the fragrance Gucci, creative, no?) on the evil galactic overloards oppressing the people of said sand planet or better still, have Naomi Watts and Laura Harring start making out after spraying a few spritzes of Gucci. Now THAT would be a good commercial! Where’s my Academy Award?

Thanks to iwatchstuff (who also deserves to win an Academy Award for awesome) for the heads up with the video. Watch the commercial below.



October 6, 2007 5:42 pm - Posted by | clips, commercials, crazy celebs, food, tv

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