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90 Degree Prism Glasses

OK, at first, I thought this was more stupid tech brought to my attention from the glorious Geekologie from their post here. I thought the only use for this would be for casanovas to wear these glasses in bars and clubs, the whole time, looking down the blouses of the women they were talking with… once I read a little about it, I realized, even though this really wouldn’t be terribly useful for consumers to own, if MRI labs in hospitals or in other medical facilities bought a handful of these for their patients, this would be an interesting new way to make, what is normally an uncomfortable 20min-60+min test, a more bareable experience. I know some facilities offer patients headphones, so they can listen to music, but music may not help fight the clawing feeling of claustrophobia as much as a pair of glasses, which allow a patient to see through the MRI tube to the open air outside the machine, instead of having to look directly at the top of the enclosure they are stuck inside for so long.

Thanks to SkyMall for maybe, creating something somewhat useful for once, instead of their usual fare


September 30, 2007 10:18 pm - Posted by | music, technology

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  1. eye glasses are not only stylish but they can also protect your eyes from contaminants ‘:,

    Comment by Round Kitchen · | November 14, 2010 9:01 am

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