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Onion – Situation In Nigeria Seems Pretty Complex

The Onion has released yet another funny fake news video of a panel trying to discuss a news story coming from Nigeria, when only the moderator of the panel has any idea what is going on in the country. Watching an entire panel trying to sound like they all know what they are talking about, when they probably couldn’t even point out the country on the map, just like a lot of US Americans, is absolutely side splitting.

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Wilhelm Scream

After reading about the Wilhelm Scream years ago from Hollywood Lost and Found, Net@Nite brought it up in their most recent episode after they found a compilation of some of the most famous film moments with this, truly classic, post production sound effect. I was also able to find a few more interesting clips, one was another compilation set (with some repeats, but some funny new ones too) as well as a clip of the history behind the clip, some of which is told from the founder of Hollywood Lost and Found, coincidently. The whole thing is hilarious, my favorite moment is when Luke shoots a stormtrooper and he falls down the open shaft in the original Star Wars.


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