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Hotel Chevalier Prologue FREE through iTunes

Wes Anderson has released his 13 minute prologue to The Darjeeling Limited on iTunes a bit early (this is how quirky directors create buzz… by making a short film to pique your interest) according to this article from the sexiest of people over at iwatchstuff. This short is intended to play prior to the film (now also free through iTunes) to shed some light on Jason Schwartzman‘s character, but the best part is that it features Natalie Portman and from what I understand, she doesn’t remain entirely clothed for the whole 13 minutes. Download the the prologue through iTunes here.

Thanks to theplaylist for the above image.



September 26, 2007 10:35 pm - Posted by | clips, movies

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  1. […] Darjeeling Limited is a film whose viewing experience should begin with seeing Hotel Chevalier, the free 13 minute prologue. Without seeing this prologue, there are at least two scenes in the […]

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