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I wish this was Vaporware

This news brought to you because of the good folks at Geekologie, they always try and shine the light on products like this, whose designers should have been smacked in the face with a giant newspaper and been told “NOOOOO, BAD!”

I never would have thought I would be wishing that a product would be vaporware more than this product, which somehow already made it to market. It is called the Head Spa and for whatever reason, Edmund Scientific released this nonsense!

This thing is the 21st century, updated and now high tech equivalent to the old dunce cap. Sure, it’s only $50, but since it’s marketed as being useful for those stressful moments inside your office cubicle, you’re really just paying $50 to eventually have your boss walk in on you with this thing on and either boot you out the door to the unemployment office or send you to the company shrink, so they can ask you if you have difficulty reading because all the pop-up books in your collection are too complicated for you…

THANKS Edmund Scientific!



September 21, 2007 5:07 pm - Posted by | technology

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