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Larry King loves technology

First off, I am not a huge fan of the old man with the suspenders, known as Larry King, he looks like he’s 847 years old, but he does get good guests for his ~20 minute interviews and you cant watch the video of them for free through his podcast. Thanks have to go to CNN for providing this content easily.

I recommend watching his interviews with Bill Clinton and Bill Maher

If you just want, here are the Bill Clinton and Bill Maher interviews directly. If you want to download the free videos through iTunes (and maybe subscribe to the podcast), go here, otherwise if you don’t want to get it through iTunes, get it here.

Thanks Wonkette for posting the above picture of Larry King not knowing where he is or what he’s doing anymore.



September 15, 2007 5:51 pm - Posted by | crazy celebs, podcasts

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  1. […] Winfrey, Larry Miller, Megan Mullally, Tom Papa and Larry King (playing Bee Larry King, of course, yet again showing how cool he is)… even Michael Richards made an lent his voice to the project […]

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