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Copyright Martin Pugh

The pic above is from a great website (Copyright Martin Pugh) which features a new cool astronomy picture daily, oddly enough called Astronomy Picture of the Day.

There are also two FREE programs you can download if you want to experience some sweet sweet astronomical action.

First is the classic Google Earth… “But I thought Google Earth was just for, well, looking at, uhh, THE EARTH!” Google Earth used to be just for Earth watching, now with version 4.2, you can do a bit of stargazing as well. The other big update is the new flight simulator that was a nice easter egg for v4.2 (hit Ctrl + Alt + A to unearth this interface), here is a nice page with a list of controls for the flight sim.

Now, for you open source fans out there, give Stellarium a try. It has a nice feature where you can input your location and it will reveal the constellations you would be able to see in the sky if it was dark enough. This can be fun for us city dwellers, all too used to only seeing a star or two at most due to all the ambient light still shining from buildings in a big city.




September 8, 2007 3:58 pm - Posted by | astronomy, technology

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