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I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With (me too!)

I want to eat cheese with Sara Silverman too!

Photo originated here

OK, you know I wanted to see this movie from my previous post.

I just got back from seeing the show on opening night at the IFC center here in Manhattan, Jeff Garlin came by to answer questions and thank everyone for coming before the show started. That was really cool. I heard he would be there for opening night after seeing him at Upright Citizens Brigade on Labor Day.

First off, I thought the movie was very funny, I was cracking up for a good portion of this film (which is pretty impressive considering it was only 80min). Sarah Silverman’s part at times seemed WAY too good to be true and it felt like it was TOTALLY written by a guy (it WAS written, directed and produced by Jeff Garlin himself), but at the end of the movie, it all made sense.

There are cameos from some really funny and recognizable actors that you would never expect to see in the film, like Amy Sedaris and Dan Castellaneta. When was the last time you SAW Dan Castellaneta (yes yes, he was the man of many voices in The Simpsons Movie, but you didn’t see him there).

My main problem with the movie was not even really a fault of the movie itself. After about the first 10 minutes of the film, the sound got all garbled and everyone started to sound like they were underwater. I ducked out to tell the IFC center staff and about 15 minutes later they managed to fix it. The problem was that the fix didn’t last, the actors were underwater all over again only 10 minutes later. I HAD to wait for a slow scene (which was tough to do) to duck out and tell the IFC staff AGAIN, but for most of the rest of the movie the sound improved but it never went fully back to normal. There were also two scenes in the film where I caught the boom mic falling into the shot and at first I thought it was the fault of the movie itself, but once the sound in the theater kept getting submerged underwater, I realized it was more likely that the problem was with the projectionist (or lack thereof) at the IFC Center. I KNEW I enjoyed the film when I realized that even with all the projection and sound problems, I didn’t ask for my $$$ back from IFC (those who know me, know how much I hate being ripped off by that kind of garbage).

I don’t want to end this post on a bad note though. Go out, take the effort to find this movie. It is getting no press at all. Just don’t see it at the IFC Center if you can help it! You WILL enjoy it.



September 6, 2007 12:17 am - Posted by | comedians, movie reviews

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