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I wasn’t sure if I should really even review this film, it got so much press and most people who were going to see it have already done so.

The movie got great reviews, but when I saw it I realized that I my favorite Judd Apatow film is still The 40 Year Old Virgin. I feel that Apatow’s most recent 3 movies (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Superbad) are for progressively younger and younger audiences. The 40 Year Old Virgin was solidly an adult movie, probably funniest for older audiences (I guess older young adults?…), with Knocked Up’s prime audience seemed to be 20-somethings and now Superbad’s prime audience seemed to me to be teens.

This movie was very funny, but I thought the funniest scenes were when McLovin and the two police officers were on screen. I know this sounds odd, but I thought the movie’s language was TOO vulgar. I think it was more that they tried to introduce new vulgar slang to try and START new cool trends.

If you thought Apatow’s movies have only improved over time (from The 40 Year Old Virgin to Knocked Up) then hurry and check out this movie in theaters while it’s still there, otherwise, watch it once it hits DVD with a group of friends, this really isn’t the type of movie that you need to see in a theater (although watching it with an audience does help most comedies).


Watch the trailer here from youtube or watch a higher quality version


September 4, 2007 8:25 pm - Posted by | clips, dvd, movie reviews, movies


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